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About Mr. Ryder & Company

photo of Victorian botanical teaching chart for sale at Mr. Ryder & Company Mr. Ryder & Company Antiques and Art is comfortably at home in a light and airy 1906 Victorian storefront in downtown Graton. This building originally housed Graton's post office, and later served as a hardware and general store. Eventually it was vacated and used as a storage facility, and the building went into decline due to lack of attention. In 1998 it was purchased by two gentlemen who refurbished it with great respect and attention to period details. The redwood siding was salvaged and restored. A gift shop was opened, but closed two years later.

antiques for sale at Mr. Ryder Antiques About the same time Betty Ann Sutton was bemoaning the high rent she was paying at a local antiques collective, this wonderful restored Victorian surfaced on the market at a reasonable price. Two hours after looking the building over, Betty Ann purchased it and then went home in a daze. After the obligatory "What have I done??" period passed, she drew up plans for the grand opening of her new Graton, California antiques shop, which was to be named after her dog.

Mr. Ryder & Company came together in a matter of weeks. Betty Ann selectively invited several of her favorite antiques dealers whom she knew had an eye for the real thing to join the Company. Enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and creative energies, twelve dealers jumped at the chance to become part of a high-integrity antiques collective devoid of reproductions.

photo of bakelite jewelry for sale at Mr. Ryder & Company Our dealers' unique selections, formidable knowledge, and love of old objects has resulted in the creation of a true jewel box. Each dealer's offerings and arrangements uniquely reflect their individual styles and personalities. Betty Ann also specializes in estate sales and liquidations.

photo of Betty Ann with greeters Scout and Sara Biscuit Our shop is a major donor to the Sonoma County Humane Society, and our dealers collectively provide loving homes for quite a menagerie of animals, including rescue dogs and cats (both pound and pedigree), donkeys, miniature horses, and even a mated pair of emus who fight over egg-sitting chores. After amassing quite a dedicated fan club of canines and humans, Mr. Ryder himself was officially declared the unofficial mayor of Graton. As the store rolls into its thirteenth year, the Company continues to delight in the response of customers who feel they've discovered a secret magic place. We never tire of their compliments!

photo of Mr. Ryder himself Mr. Ryder & Company is located at 9040 Graton Road in Graton, California. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM, and Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM.

If you have questions regarding merchandise for sale on our web site or would like directions to our store, please call (707) 824-8221 or email us.

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