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Mrs. Ryder
(Betty Ann Sutton)

photo of Romanov estate treasures for sale at Mr. Ryder & Company AntiquesMr. Ryder's mother (AKA Betty Ann), switched careers in mid-life from teaching junior high school to dumpster diving. She remembers exploring a particularly fruitful dumpster in San Francisco while her two pre-teen daughters waited not so patiently in the car, occasionally calling out "We're hungry! We have to go to the bathroom! MOM!!"

photo of antique bottles for sale at Mr. Ryder & Company AntiquesThe next milestone occurred at the Colma Dump, a gold mine of discarded antiquities that desperately needed rescuing. Cyra McFadden, a friend and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote a full page story about the teacher who discovered a new life's work at the Dump. Skeptical at first, Cyra poked around and found a glass-sided typewriter exactly like the one she'd used as a cub reporter. There was an on-the-spot celebration about recycling and history, and the ability of old objects to surprise us by opening up a small window to the past.

photo of vintage toys for sale at Mr. Ryder & Company AntiquesThe next 25 years of Betty Ann's adventurous life included a move to a cottage barn on 7 acres in the country, a career as a fine artist, board seats on two non-profit organizations, and 19 rescued animals (including donkeys, dogs, cats, and the love of her life, Mr. Ryder himself). Despite the passage of time, although her modus operandi has gotten more upscale, her overall feeling toward antiques has not changed. She now runs estate sales, and is the proud owner of Mr. Ryder & Company Antiques and Art. Regardless of the source, Betty Ann claims nothing compares to the thrill of the hunt, the search for the origin and history of a particularly special object, and the pleasure of holding a beautiful treasure that once lived a full life long ago. She also says that given better knees and a more flexible back, she'd likely still be exploring dumpsters!

photo of teddy bears for sale at Mr. Ryder & Company Antiques Some of the items one can expect to find in Betty Ann's space include old and very dear animal-themed toys, including Steiff animals and lead farmyard statues. She also has an eclectic offering of teddy bears and antique dolls. Betty Ann's case at Mr. Ryder & Company is guaranteed to delight you with a trip down memory lane.
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